Welcome to London City Scuba club.

We hope by browsing our website you find all of the information you will require to decide if SCUBA is for you, if you wish to have a "Come and Try "(C&T), or wish to join as a qualified diver.

Please browse at your leisure and contact us via the "Contact Us " page if you have any questions, wish to visit us or just wish to speak to a member of the club.

Club Details

We are a BSAC diving school and club. Our branch number is 1771 and have been around since 1990. We are small but well organised group, and have members that have started diving with us from being a novice, and members that have "crossed over" from PADI and other agencies. Our instructors have a great depth of knowledge and experience, and one of them is also a qualified PADI and HSA (handicapped SCUBA Association) instructor.

We can accept people with disabilities, but will have to do a full assessment of your needs and abilities before we plan a course for you. If you would like to speak to us about this assessment please use the "Contact Us" page

If you are new to SCUBA diving, you will join the club as an Ocean Diver under training, but if you have already obtained a diving licence from another agency, you may complete a “crossover” and therefore may be inducted at a different level. See our page Cross Over


Safety of all members is our number one priority. All lessons in the pool are managed throughout with at least one instructor in the water at all times, surface cover on the pool side, and we also have a Lifeguard (National Pool Lifeguard Qualification or Pool Responder certificate) in attendance supplied by Fusion Lifestyle. Fusion have a fully equipped First Aid room and an AED (Automated External Defibrillator). The club has emergency oxygen on hand during all lessons. 

All of our instructors have been DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checked and their certificates are available for inspection if required.

How we approach training

We are a small and friendly club that prides itself on safety and a friendly teaching approach.

We try, at all times, to have a one to one ratio of instructor to student in the water, but it will never be more than three to one.

First dive

First Pool Lesson

In the class room (lectures), where it is a little more relaxed we have a maximum of six to one ratio where the lectures are presented in a group format, and everybody takes part in the session, asking questions and having “hands on” in any practical lesson.


Engrossed students

Laid back lessons

Laid back lessons

There will be a couple of weeks “catch up” at the end of the planned lectures for missed weeks before the written exam. This can cover missed lectures due to absence or a refresher on a subject you feel needs more work.

To summarise, each course is made up of lectures and pool work and a written exam (multi choice). The structure is Lecture week 1, Pool week 2, Lecture week 3, Pool week 4 and so on.  Once the lectures, pool and exam are out of the way, we then need to repeat the pool exercises in Open water, which is classed as a lake, quarry or the sea.

The courses are delivered in a structured approach, and they are paced to ensure that all students have engaged thoroughly, but if you have an issue with one topic (either lecture or pool) we will revisit that at a later date to ensure you and your instructor are happy with your progress. The exercises need to be completed with "Confidence and Competence", and you will repeat the practical pool lessons many times to ensure they become "second nature".

The motto of the club is "Excellence through repetition".

We also want you to enjoy the training as much as you will enjoy the diving.

With this approach it is impossible to state how long it will take to complete the course, due to attendance and ability, but we try to complete all of the lectures, pool work and exam within 15 weeks. The open water is then depending on the weather and the time of year.

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