Learn to Dive

We offer courses for all levels of BSAC diving. As these courses take approximately 13-15 week to complete, we try to run two at any time.

This method allows us to complete a dry week and then a wet week per course.

The first course in the BSAC programme is the Ocean diver. This will start with you learning all about the club, safety in and around the water, the effects of the additional pressure underwater and the use of all of the equipment.

As an example

Week 1 Ocean divers taking a lecture while Sports divers are in the pool

Week 2 Sports divers taking a lecture while Ocean divers are in the pool.

With this approach we have alternate weeks dry and wet for each course.

For more information on what each course entails follow the links below.

Go to the Ocean diver course

Go to the Sports Diver course

Go to the Dive Leader course

Go to the Advance Diver course

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