Our classroom lectures are PowerPoint presentations of BSAC approved content.As they are supplied from the BSAC head office, they become part of the structured training course that is presented by all BSAC clubs and diving centres around the world.

Jim presenting one of the Sports Diver lectures.

Jim presenting one of the Sports Diver lectures.

They are run at a speed relevant to the level of candidate/student and normally take about 90 minutes for each one.


Students during a lecture

Each course (Ocean Diver, Sports Diver, Dive Leader  and Advance Diver) has a different number of topics to cover and will differ in length as you progress because the topics will become more involved.

As an example during the Ocean Diver course, we teach in Lecture 3, about the effects of  pressure whilst diving,  but in the Dive Leader course we have lecture 10 which covers  how to Prepare for a helicopter evacuation.

helicopter ocean-3

As you can see a wide and varied set of topics and with the later courses a much more detailed content.

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