Cross over

BSAC levels of diver

Ocean diver / Sports diver / Dive Leader / Advance diver / First Class diver

If you “crossed over” from another agency the following will apply.

PADI Open water or Advance open water diver = BSAC Ocean Diver

PADI Rescue Diver = BSAC Sports Diver

The BSAC Sports diver course is the equivalent to the PADI Advance Open water and Rescue courses combined.

PADI Dive Master = BSAC Dive Leader

PADI Open Water Instructor = BSAC Open Water Instructor.

Once you have become a member, each cross over student will complete a BSAC induction period, and during this you will be shown the various small differences between your original agency and BSAC. We welcome people from all other agencies and the small differences can be explained in detail once you become a member.

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