Dive Leader

This is the third level of BSAC diving qualifications. Once qualified as an dive leader, you can participate in dives where the depth does not exceed 50m. You are expected to have rescue management and strong dive, air and decompression planning skills.

The training program consists of two sections: lectures and open-water dives. All the details will be explained to you once you enrol in the course.


  • The role of the dive leader
  • Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation
  • Oxygen and diving incidents
  • Casualty assessment
  • Oxygen administration equipment
  • Oxygen administration in practice
  • Use of oxygen administration equipment
  • Dive planning
  • Rescue management part 1
  • Helicopter operations
  • Rescue management part 2
  • The role of the dive marshal
  • Dive marshalling part 1 (Dry Practical)
  • Dive marshalling part 2 (Dry Practical)

Open-water dives

  • DSMB use
  • Dive leading demonstration
  • Dive leading practice
  • Shot recovery by simple lift
  • Rescue management scenarios
  • Diving and rescue skills review
  • Rescue skills review

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