Ocean Diver

This is the first level entrance course by BSAC. Once qualified as an ocean diver, you can participate in dives not requiring a mandatory decompression stop under the supervision of a dive marshal where the depth does not exceed 20m. Full details of the level of diving you can undertake with us and on vacations, will be advised as we go though the course.

The training program consists of three sections: lectures, pool work and open-water dives. All the details will be explained to you once you enrol in the course.

The next course starts on the 16th January 2020.


  • Introduction to Ocean Diver training
  • Diving equipment and signals
  • The body and effects of diving
  • Planning to go diving
  • Going Diving
  • Safety Skills
  • Enjoying your diving

Pool Work

  • Being underwater
  • Basic skills
  • Developing skills
  • Beyond the basics
  • Safety skills

Open-water dives

Five open water dives under instruction must be logged which must have a duration of at least 120 minutes.

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