The following videos show you the basic tasks you will be taught, and some we repeat each week to make sure they become second nature (e.g. mask clearing and regulator recovery). Don't worry if they look unachievable or scary as we always make sure you are well prepared to take part in the exercise and you get it right. Hope they are helpful and enjoyable.

GoPro footage by Ben Clifford.

Underwater communication.

Here are some, but not all, of the signs that are used underwater. You will be taught more as we use them throughout the course you are taking. Look at the bottom of the screen it will tell you what it means. We find the signs are much easier than trying to talk underwater!

Mask clearing after a partial flood.

This is achieved by breathing "in" through your mouth and "out" through your nose.

Mask clearing after a full flood.

The task is to clear the water from the mask, this does not mean in one go, you can take as many times are necessary to achieve the task,  just like in the video.

And here it is again up close. Contact lenses being worn so eyes closed.

Mask removal and clear.

Use your thumb to find out which way up the mask is before you try to put it back on.

Regulator removal and clear using the purge button.

The purge button is used to clear any water in the regulator. We also point the mouth piece down so not to cause a freeflow (where air escapes), and we always blow bubbles as holding your breath underwater is not allowed.

And here it is again up close.

Regulator removal and exhale.

This time we have exhaled to clear the regulator of water.

Regulator recover with arm sweep.

This technique is used if we ever loose our regulator, it is a guaranteed way of finding it. Don't worry of it looks scary, we will be close to you throughout your time in the pool.

Fin pivot.

We use this exercise to get our buoyancy correct and make sure we have the correct amount of weights.

Weight removal and replace.

This technique is not normally used but is taught "just in case" you need to remove your belt underwater. Watch for Jim swimming by in the background.

BCD removal and replace.

This technique is used if you need to pass through a small opening and need to be more streamlined.

How we enter the water.

This is one of the methods a "Giant Stride".

FUN bits

Here is the instructor having fun showing off his buoyancy skills. If he got it wrong he would bang his head on the bottom.

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