Learn to Dive

Never dived before and not sure whether you'd like it?

Why not do a "Try Dive" session with us on a Thursday evening from 18:30 - 21:00 before you commit to joining?

Here you will be given a safety briefing and hands on demonstration to explain the basics of the equipment that you'll be using. Then it's off to the pool to get kitted up and enjoy the 'wonders of the underwater world' with one of the Club's Instructors. These session costs £25.00, which includes some video footage shot during your time underwater. The session lasts for about 2 hours, and you will have an instructor assigned to you individually.

A self certification of any medical condition is required and is as follows.

“Anyone with a medical history of diabetes, blackouts (epilepsy etc), perforated eardrums, high blood pressure, heart disease, any lung or respiratory disorder (such as asthma) or dependence on drugs may not be able to dive safely. If this is the case, specialist advice must be obtained before contemplating taking up this sport, including the participation in our offer of a try dive”.

With this medical statement we must ensure that the student considers themselves medically fit and do not suffer from any of the disqualification conditions mentioned above, and is able to swim and is confident in the water. The student will, in the interests of safety, comply with all instruction given to them by any member of the club before, during and after any dive. If you are unable to agree to these terms, please Contact Us to discuss the matter further.

Already qualified as a diver with BSAC or another diving agency?

Why not refresh your skills with us. If you've qualified with another diving agency,  you can cross over to an equivalent BSAC qualification with us, to continue your training. See our Cross Over page

The entry level qualification with BSAC will be dependant on your existing agency level. Like with our new diver intake all of the lessons (theory and practical) are paced to suit the individual, as we want you to enjoy the training as much as you will enjoy the diving.

All training at the Club is carried out by British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC ) nationally qualified instructors, who are also Club members, led by the Club's Diving Officer Jim Laing.  BSAC qualifications and skill development courses are recognised worldwide and many of the standards and procedures that are used by divers throughout the world, originated from within the BSAC organisation.

Your annual club membership covers the costs of all lectures and pool sessions (including the use of all Club equipment in the pool). The course notes, Diving manual & Qualification Record Book for the course you are enrolled in are also included.

Open-water instruction is also covered by your membership, however additional costs, like entrance fees to the dive site, will be incurred. Kit is available for loan, though we do recommend you obtain your own kit as soon as possible.

The self declaration system

Membership of BSAC requires all divers to complete a medical self-declaration form when joining and annually on the anniversary of your joining date. If you answer "Yes" to any of the questions, or if a medical condition arises between these dates, it is necessary to revisit this process/form. Members can download the Self Declaration Form to check the list of questions and your eligibility.

If you answer 'Yes' to one of the questions on the self-declaration form, you be required to visit a Referee for examination or consultation. You should obtain a copy of  the necessary form .

The candidate should complete section required and then contact the referee for advice. If an examination is required, the costs of this is at the expense of the student. If it is then agreed you can participate in SCUBA diving, the Referee will complete and sign the certificate and a copy of this should be given to the Diving Officer. It should also be retained as any dive school (UK or abroad) will require a copy before they will allow you to dive.

We look forward to earing from you. Please use the Contact Us form.

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