Membership fees

The first year’s costs are higher than your second and subsequent years due to the start-up costs of the purchase of your first manual and your qualification folder, where you record all of your achievements as you progress in your training. The cost for the first year is £240.00.

This fee covers your BSAC membership, which gives you third party diving insurance, the subscription to a monthly magazine called SCUBA, and allows you to create a user id for the BSAC website shop to receive membership discounts on various diving equipment and documentation etc. Your annual club membership to London City SCUBA Club and for your first course documentation as well as your "forever" Qualification Record Book.

When you sign up and become a member of the club, we will obtain the training pack which forms part of your course, and includes all the learning materials you need for the BSAC Course you are taking. The pack includes: Qualification Card application, Diver qualification card with your picture, Qualification Record Book and an A5 binder with your student diver course notes.



You may complete more than one course per year, depending on the level of commitment, attendance, and the instructors availability to complete the open water dives. Once a course is signed off by the Diving Officer and you have completed any experience dives that are required, you may enrol in the next level course.

This course may not start as soon as you are ready as we plan these things weeks in advance and may have a new intake or students planned, and is dependant on the availability of our instructors.  You may discuss this next phase in your training with the Training Officer when you are ready to start the next course, and you will be advised of the club plans for teaching this next level.

Your second year’s fees are reduced to £150.00 which is for the club and BSAC membership only.  Any additional costs for training materials for subsequent courses are at the student’s expense above their annual membership. Further course documentation/manuals, will be purchased by the Training Officer for the next level you wish to attain as and when required.These manuals will be ordered by the training officer at a discounted rate and are approximately £40.00 plus P&P per course.



If you join as a qualified diver, your level will be decided by BSAC as they dictate the crossover levels

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