We offer a wide range of courses for all levels of diving.  We also have additional courses in diving first aid, the use of AED (Automated External Defibrillator) and Oxygen administration.

The first course in the BSAC programme is the Ocean diver. This will start with you learning all about the club, safety in and around the water, the effects of the additional pressure underwater and the use of all of the equipment.

Our lectures are completed in an on site community room called "The Sir Ralph Perrin" room. This is owned by the City of London and is managed by Fusion Lifestyle. It has facilities for us to make tea and coffee and has a disabled toilet.

Fitness centre

The Sir Ralph Perrin room on the upper level

We use this room for the PowerPoint presentations we use for all of the courses, and the dry practical lessons where we have "hands on".


CPR with the use of an AED

Laid back lessons

PowerPoint Presentations

We also talk through the pool lessons prior to getting wet to save time and get the full benefit of the pool time available to us.

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We complete all of the practical pool work (confined water) in the Fusion pool below the lecture room. Here we have an equipment room where we store all of the kit you will require for your lessons. We have the full use of the Fusion changing rooms with showers for after the session.

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If there is a course that you require and we do not have the facilities or level of expertise, we can arrange for a BSAC regional coach to attend on a club night to present it or we can arrange for you to attend a BSAC Skill Development Course (SDC).

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